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ARcare Wellness Center

At Arkansas Family Health Foundation, we believe good health is more than just the absence of disease. We know that healthy people create stronger communities, and we believe everyone in our community deserves quality care. That’s why we’ve created several programs concerned with basic health and wellness.

At our Arkansas wellness centers, there are many opportunities for individuals to better themselves – like classes on diabetes education and management – so they can implement healthy lifestyle habits and make the right decisions based upon this new lifestyle. We also provide cancer screenings, evaluations, and case management through the ARcare Cancer Care program.

ARcare Wellness Center

The Steven F. Collier Health and Wellness Institute in Augusta, AR was established in order to provide healthier and more enriched lives for our geriatric population. The ARcare Cancer Care program is headquartered within the longevity center and provides navigation and continuity of care to patients, families, and caregivers from pre-diagnosis through all phases of the cancer experience.

We have also established several wellness centers in Eastern Arkansas that offer memberships to the entire community. In addition to weight training and cardio machines, members also have an opportunity to participate in cooking classes, diabetes education, SilverSneakers®, boot camp, yoga and a variety of other classes.

ARcare Wellness Center


Steven F. Collier Health and Wellness Institute: 400 Highway 64 E / (870) 347-3451

Augusta Fitness Center: 1005 N. Fourth Street / (870) 347-1137

Brinkley Fitness Center: 1116 N. Main Street / (870) 589-2221

Wynne Fitness Center: 601 E. Julia Street / (870) 238-0377

ARcare Cancer Care

The mission of ARcare Cancer Care is to provide holistic care for patients and families who have been diagnosed and/or treated with cancer.

In many instances, people in our service regions can’t go to large metropolitan health centers for their cancer treatments. The result is that they have to rely on family or friends to drive them to Little Rock and then try to find another way to come home if they are sickened by their treatments. Furthermore, follow-up by cancer centers in Little Rock is often inadequate or even non-existent.

We realize that not all patients have adequate transportation and access to care, and ARcare Cancer Care plans to support them by offering transportation to and from clinic appointments.

In addition, patients will be followed to ensure that they have access to the testing they need and that they are receiving the necessary screenings based on their diagnosis.

Care providers will offer encouragement and educate patients about their treatment plans. They will also address palliative care (end of life) issues and ensure that support is readily available.

Through the ARcare Cancer Care program, transportation, treatment, follow up, home health and other related services will all be addressed for the “least, the last, and the lost” of the Delta.

The people of the Delta will have the best in cancer treatment and curative practices close to home. ARcare professionals will organize all the treatment components to make sure the patients we serve will receive the compassionate care they deserve.

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